31, Ho Hum

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My sister (along with many of my fam and friends) did a wonderful job of making my 21st birthday awesome!  She made it a big deal and made me feel really special.  Then, once I was 21, she kept telling me throughout the year that no one cares about 22, it's ho hum.  She loves to torture me.  Mainly because it's so easy, and something about her being required to as the older sibling, I don't entirely know.  But really, she was right.  After the excitement of 21, turning 22 wasn't anything extra special, other than the fact that birthdays are generally pretty fun.  As I approached this birthday, I kept thinking to myself, "31, ho hum."  Jaron threw me an amazing surprise birthday party last year.  It's hard to top that.  I was still looking forward to my birthday though, regardless of its ordinariness.  Except here's the thing:  No one else got the memo about 31, ho hum.  My mom put together a lovely birthday dinner last Thursday night and then Saturday morning (my actual birthday) started with Jaron bringing me a Starbucks coffee and flowers while I was still in bed, and he had La Madeleine breakfast waiting for me in the other room.  I kept thinking the whole day that having someone bring you coffee in bed might just be one of the kindest, most loving and romantic things around.  The rest of the day was filled with spending a little quality time with just Cora while Jaron and his dad took Emmitt to the TCU game, hanging out with Jaron's parents, and getting fun birthday wishes from friends.  Jaron and I went to my cousin's wedding (beautiful!) Saturday night and I got to see lots of my family, which was such a treat.  On the way back to Jaron's parents' house that night, upon discovering that our kids were asleep, we decided to stop and have a drink together.  And by drink, I mean that I had a decaf coffee even though we were at a bar.  Because I'm 31 and I can do what I want is why.  Then we celebrated my grandfather's 90th (NINE.TI.ETH) birthday on Sunday!  It was a fabulous weekend.  31, you're not ho hum at all, as much as you or Alice might want you to be.


  1. Happy ho-hum birthday! :) I agree, bringing me coffee in bed is my favorite love language haha. Way to go Jar!



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