2.5 Years

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Emmitt,

Hey lovey.  In the middle of October you turned 2.5 years old.  Way to go, Bubba!  I've been wanting to write about all you're doing for awhile, since you turned 2, really.  And all my waiting has just added more and more to write about, because Emmitt, you're doing so much.  Each day you say a word or phrase that I didn't realize you knew.  It's a joy watching you learn and grow.  These kinds of posts can be difficult for me though.  It makes me ache a little that you're growing so fast, but also I'm in such awe of you that I want to remember everything about you at this age.  I won't get it all down, but I'll try to hit some of the highlights of life with you these days.

First let me say that we had some tough times, you and me, when you first turned two.  I kept saying to other moms, "wow, terrible two's are no joke, amiright?" as I searched for an understanding look, comfort, and support.  Your emotions got more intense, you became more strong willed, but mostly I was impatient with myself not knowing how to handle your behavior in a way that you could learn from.  I think being 9 months pregnant also had a little something to do with all that, but I feel like we've both matured and figured out how to deal with each other better.  We still have some struggles.  Two is tough, huh?  Everyone telling you to share, and not hit, and maybe you could try potty-ing in the big potty since you hate having your diaper changed so much, and really don't hit, and don't make me say it again.  Yes, two is tough, and you are handling it just right, doing just what you need to be doing.  And maybe we'll get it all down perfect just in time for you to turn three and stir the pot once again.  I'm glad you keep me on my toes, sweet boy.

You're such a neat kid.  As the pictures below so perfectly show, you love bugs and dirt and being outside, and swinging, and jumping on the trampoline.  You love stickers, and coloring, and watching shows and movies.  You love chocolate.  You so love your cousins, and friends, and family.  This makes me really glad because these relationships are really important to me and your Dad as well.  You are thoughtful and affectionate.  

You love animals.  Oh, how you love animals.  Real and toy animals.  You call them your ammals.  And you line them up.  Oh, how you line them up.  It started with a set of Fisher Price Noah's Ark animals.  You have a set at our house and at 9E's.  But then you would line up any old thing that could be lined up:  your stuffed animals, blocks, little trinkets, pumpkins, rocks, trains, the miniature toy cars at Nana's.  I have a billion pictures of these lines.  Sometimes I think I can see a pattern in how you've lined things up and sometimes I think it just must be too complex of a pattern for my little old brain to understand.  I think the lining up phase may be slowing down, although we still had the Noah's Ark animals lined up across our console today, watching the tv, as is often the case.  I love your lines.

We have a little tradition of driving around the city to see the buffalo statues.  We've added a pink elephant to the drive and also try to catch the trains as they head downtown.  You hear the trains when we're getting in or out of the car.  I'm usually shocked that you ever hear them.  But you do love trains, and recently got to ride on Thomas the Train with your Nana and Papi.

You are serious and I think a bit shy (not around us though :)).  It takes you a little time to warm up to things.  You are almost always calm in new situations, but you typically don't jump right into them.  You study your surroundings, take everything in.  You seem cautious, but also brave and confident.  Your teachers say that you are quiet and a good boy.  They've also said you're like a little man.  We used to say that about your cousin Xander.  I like it.  And it's appropriate as today is his 11th birthday (11th!).

You're developing your sense of humor and you're starting to pretend.  You say "no" in this silly, almost British sounding voice sometimes and it's so hilarious.  Your elephant sound is pretty great too (fascinating really).  I hear you playing with your stuffed animals and you have them talk to each other.  Yesterday you had all your stuffed animals on the bed with you and you were playing Ring Around the Rosie with them.  You would ask each animal if they wanted to play and then sing the song and have that animal fall down and then go to the next one.  You seem to like playing in your room.  You are good at focusing on a game or toy and keeping yourself entertained.  

You're so observant.  You don't miss a beat.  If we change something in our house or even in one of your grandparents' houses, you notice immediately.  It was obvious you did this even before you had the words to say it.  You used to walk over to the new paint or furniture or whatever and point it out to us.  You notice tons of things as we drive too.  I'm always impressed with this.

You love letters and numbers.  This is one of your newest developments.  You can count pretty consistently to ten, and can say most of the numbers up to twenty.  Mostly though you just count to three or so and then start listing off different numbers randomly.  You point out letters (not necessarily specific letters, just when you see lots of words and letters on signs and such; although you are noticing some specific ones: you seem to know o, w, and b) a lot lately and you love to read books.  You ask us to read books to you, but we also often catch you holding a book, going through it and jabbering to yourself.  You've become awesome at singing the alphabet song!  We sing it together to Cora when she's fussing.  We started it sometimes in the car, but it's become a thing.  If Cora starts to cry, you start right up with those ABC's.  This leads me to something else about you.  It warms my heart to see you with Cora.  You really love her.  You are such a great big brother!  You work hard to make her laugh and smile, you try to comfort her when she cries, and you ask about her when she's not around.  I've decided one of my favorite things in this life is seeing you two together, loving on each other.

I wish I could bottle up your voice, and the phrases you use, and the way you say things.  I've been trying to video you and Cora more lately, but usually when I remember to do it, you're done doing whatever I was hoping to capture.  And speaking of your voice, you have such a lovely singing voice, and when Dada gets his guitar out, you grab the stand it was on and start singing into it as if it's a microphone.  Your Dad and I have no idea where you picked this up, but we sure enjoy it.  You still love to dance.  You and Dada have some wild dance parties in the tv room that are quite entertaining for me and Cora.

You are identifying and verbalizing emotions more recently and you say things like, "I'm so happy!" and "Hooray!" or "I mad" or "I not sad" or "Oh! Dura crying!"  You also seem to be working out good and bad.  You often ask if someone is a bad guy when you're watching a show or you'll mention something about a bad boy at school.  I think sometimes you're trying to confess that perhaps you were the bad boy ;).

Even since you turned two, you've gotten so big!  I guess it's partly because you are doing so much more, but you've gotten taller too.  And boy do I think you are handsome!  You look and act more and more like your Dad each day.  You're getting into a fun age for holidays and we are really looking forward to celebrating Christmas with you this year.  I'm sure I have forgotten something, but I think we've got some good stuff here.  Please know that my words will never do justice to how I feel about you.  You are fun to be with and I'm just about the happiest lady in all the world when you cuddle up to me.  I love you so, so much, Emmitt George.  I am so happy, and proud, and grateful to be your Mama.  And I always will be.    

Photos by Hannah Kate Photography, taken in June 2013 at same time as Cora's newborn photos, when Emmitt was right at 2 years and 2 months old.  



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