A Quick Trip

Friday, November 22, 2013

A few weekends ago, Jaron, Cora and I packed up and flew to Denver for the weekend.  Just because we're wild and crazy like that.  Actually it was pretty out of the ordinary and rather spontaneous for us, but it was a nice getaway.  Jaron has travelled there some in the last year or so and always tells me how pretty it is.  I finally got to see for myself.  And he was so right.  Other than a ski trip to Crested Butte in high school, I've only travelled through Colorado, so it was cool to see a little more of it.  We stayed downtown and spent most of the weekend walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather, mountains in the background, changing leaves, really neat buildings, lots of coffee and delicious food.  Cora Marie did great on the plane rides, but the poor thing has been teething and it must have gotten pretty bad Friday, because she had a rough night.  She didn't want to miss the fun Saturday though, and after a little Tylenol and some teething tablets she was good to go.  Like her brother, Cora often seems to calm and become happy when she's outside, so I think that helped distract her from her nagging gums.  We missed Emmitt George like crazy, but he was busy having fun with his grandparents (he stayed with my parents on Friday night and then Jaron's parents came up and stayed with him at our house on Saturday night).  A few of the pictures below are ones that the grandparents sent us of E's adventures while we were gone.  And in honor of our boy, we had to take a few pictures of the buffalo statues.  We look forward to when we can meet Colorado again someday.  Hopefully next time is with our boy to visit his godfather, Kevin.


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