A Shower

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back in June when Cora was only a few weeks old, two of my dearest girls came into town.  That week was a bit of a blur, my mind was still a little fuzzy and adjusting (I expect this to be clearing up any day now), but things are always alright when those girls are around.  I've really been missing all my girls lately, and feeling a strong sense of longing for our next reunion.  I went to look at the pictures we had taken, and was so glad that I had them to remind me of that time.  While we were together, we had a beautiful baby shower for Caitlin.  Caitlin and Kevin are in the process of becoming foster parents with plans of adopting.  Kristin was the mastermind behind the party.  Anything you see in the pictures that is lovely and creative was all her doing.  So blame her.  I certainly did.  The shower was a success, even if it was pulled off a little haphazardly.  For this, blame me.  I certainly did.  I'm just teasing, really I thought it was fun and celebratory and delicious and a bit romantic.  All things that a shower should be, amiright?  Brandon was the amazing chef for the dinner, which was no surprise, Caitlin's mom made the best mojitos, and my sister made the tastiest, individual blueberry cobblers.  Also, they were gluten free/dairy free/nut free, and in little mason jars.  Are you impressed yet?  No?  Okay, well also they were served with homemade whipped cream.  Right?  Right?!  You're getting it now.  I'm so excited for Cait and Kev and cannot wait to love on their little one!


  1. Dang you...now I'm wishing it was summer again with all the green grass and the dresses and the outside frivolity. Sigh....

    1. I know three days of cold weather and I'm right there with ya ;). I love that you said 'frivolity.' Great word!



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