Monday, December 2, 2013

Felt really thankful for my family of four this Thanksgiving.   Felt really thankful for friends:  old, new, and renewed.  We were blessed by family over the holiday weekend, and had fond thoughts of the rest of our village, near and far.  Felt beyond thankful that I get to be partners with Jaron.  As we drove home from Texas after our Thanksgiving adventures and the kids were exhausted and completely done with being in the car (to be fair, so were their parents), I turned to Jaron and said, "I just want you to know that whatever happens in the next little bit, I still really love you."  He agreed.  Times such as these can go downhill super quickly, for everyone involved.  And a few minutes later as the chaos really set in and I started to crawl into the backseat in an effort to calm the storm, Jaron and I clasped hands and gave each other a little head nod in solidarity.  Thankful.      


  1. So thankful for you!!! Love this post. Cora is looking so big! And sweet Emmitt.... they are growing too fast! Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    1. Thanks friend! I'm SO thankful for YOU! And I know, too fast is right. Cora will be 6 months old tomorrow! I just can't even.... Love you and miss you!



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