The Sectioners

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My kids growl.  Is this a thing?  I don't think Emmitt's growling started as early as Cora's, but he's definitely been doing it for awhile.  I remember thinking it was interesting when I first noticed it, and I wondered where in the world he had gotten it, only to discover shortly after that when I become frustrated I sometimes do this sigh that turns into what can best be described as a bit of a growl.  Awesome.  Aren't kids the best at highlighting some of our most favorable worst weirdest attributes?!

So yeah, E and C growl.  They don't usually do it to express anger or frustration, but sometimes they do.  E often growls while he's playing with his animals, so I guess that's not too unusual.  But C growls at random times and kind of a lot really.  It's pretty hilarious to hear such an intimidating sound come out of that sweet little thing.  And when she does it, E exclaims, "Oh!  Dura's growling!"

Alls I can say is that these two are surely mine.  Once at the dinner table, when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I looked up and interrupted the conversation to announce, in a slow, low growl, "I am the Sectioner!"  My parents, understandably creeped out, asked and asked but could never figure out where I had gotten this.  Although I'm fairly certain that they couldn't find where it came from, because I am in fact the Sectioner.  And apparently so are my kids.  We're still figuring out what exactly our roles are as sectioners, but at least we've got the growl down.

We. Are. The Sectioners!


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    1. David! Well, since I'm the worst, I accidentally deleted your comment, but yes, yes it is your section :)



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