A Whole Decade!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today marks ten years since Jaron Hill took me on our first date.  He had to leave very early this morning for a work thing, but here was some of our text exchange a little later on...

Jaron:  I'm here and safe.  Love you!  Call me on my work phone if you need me.
Me:  Thanks for letting me know.  I'm getting really good at fried eggs, the butter does help :).  Also... Happy 10 years being together!  I love you!!!!!!!!!!  10 exclamation points!
Jaron:  Happy 10 years to you!  6 of the best years of your life?  

Yes my love, at least that many ;).

I am the luckiest.

^^These are a few of my favorite things^^


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