Jingle Bells

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I know, I know, we're past all the holiday hoopla, but I just want to get a few posts in on it.  There really is something so magical about the holiday season and Christmas, or at least I kept thinking that this year as I was experiencing it all with E and he sorta got it a little more this go 'round.  I also kept thinking that we could probably all use a little more magical in our life, and I'm looking into how to make that happen.  Every year when the Christmas tree and twinkling lights go up, I get so happy and excited and wonder how I can figure out a way to keep them up all year because of how glorious and pretty everything is.  (Then when Christmas is officially over, I'm pretty ready for all of it to just be up and put away, and maybe that's as it should be.)  We kept our decorations simple this year, but it still felt festive.  I had wanted a small, live tree that we could plant in our backyard after the holidays, and we found the perfect one (at Lowe's... not a beautiful tree farm... some year that would be fun to do though).  When we got the decorations out, Jaron and I were so eager for the kids to have the best night of their lives, drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, and let E pick out the ornaments he wanted on our little tree.  But as is often the case with activities with kiddos, they typically look a little different from what we pictured, and with this night E kept telling us to go away, soo no ornaments it was.  It ended up being just right that way.  Guess E was also trying to keep things simple in his own sort of way.

Since our boy is absorbing so much these days I did want to take the opportunity to tell him about the Christmas story, but I also wanted to be realistic in my abilities and not set myself up for failure.  I figured Michael Scott's KISS advice to Keep It Simple, Stupid was probably best.  My parents got him a magnetic Christmas tree for the fridge that had numbered ornaments for each day of Advent and a star for Christmas.  This (along with a few Christmas books that I found) was the perfect thing for E to play with and it gave me the opportunity to talk simply about what we were preparing for.  

Even through the magic, we didn't fully escape the stress of the season, and E and I in particular felt it.  Through several of his tantrums, I thought to myself, "I feel ya kid."  But overall, it was cherished time with the ones we love, celebrating something really Wonderful!

This last picture was from Christmas Eve and we were all a little frazzled at this point!  (I named this Jingle Bells because I had a pretty sweet video of E singing Jingle Bells while working on his Advent Tree, but the video hates us apparently and will not upload.  What're you gonna do?)


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