On Parties in Your Car

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've been thinking about all the sorts of parties you can have in your car.  You know, dance parties with your best friends on a long road trip, singing at the top of your lungs with your husband on the way to dinner, and then the sort of party you have by yourself, in the front seat when your children happen to fall asleep on the way home, or whatever destination you choose to park at.  This last sort of car party is my very favorite, or at least it is at the this stage in my life.  It's extra good when it occurs and I've just picked up food, or better yet, coffee, and I can sit in silence, drink my delicious hot beverage and get on my cellular device.  Or not.  The world is my oyster at that moment.  And I often want to call everyone I know to tell them, "BOTH OF MY KIDS ARE ASLEEP!  IT'S PARTY TIME!"  I also want to give myself a very dramatic, slow motion high five, which then makes me think of my friend Kristin, and I smile ear to ear, because that's exactly the kind of thing she would do.

I had one of these parties recently so it's been on my mind, but overall they're fairly rare and seem to be getting even more so.  Apparently the whole getting your children to sleep is not my best bit in the parenting gig.  (Don't feel too sorry for me... I think I might be pretty good at getting them to be cute and sassy... some might call it ornery... potato potato.)  Really the sleep thing isn't a huge issue.  The system we have works for us.  But I guess the thing about adapting to something that isn't necessarily ideal is that it works until it doesn't.  Like with both my newborns, I found it surprising that you just get used to functioning on very little sleep, and it's fine.  And it's fine.  And it's fine.  No really, it's fine.  And then it is NOT fine.  And all of the sudden you have a day or a few moments where you feel a little crazy and like you might just freak the flip out if you don't get ALL the coffee and a long, hot shower and just 15 minutes laying horizontally in your own bed.  Or is that just me?  If so, ha ha, I was obviously kidding (**laughs uncomfortably to herself**).  Isn't that the case with a lot of things: we only have so much patience to deal with difficulty and then we need ALL the coffee or a lunch date with a friend or a shopping spree or a long run or perhaps a car party, to reboot?

I guess coming off the holiday season and into the new year has me thinking about self care and tangible things I can do to feel good and fully enjoy my ornery cute and sassy kiddos.  I really do think they're the cutest.  And very possibly the sassiest.  Here's to positive self care for all of us in 2014!  And go ahead and tell me what you all will be doing to take care of yourself so I can copy it.  I'm mostly kidding, but I would love to hear some ideas.

This series of photos makes me so happy because E and C are just all over the place.  Sweet little ragamuffins.


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