Cora's Baptism

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cora was baptized back in early January.  We were so happy to have dear friends stay with us for the occasion.  We miss them always, so it was nice to catch up a bit and let our kiddos play together.  And we so appreciated them making the long trek for Cora's day.   On Sunday, friends and family joined us, both at church and in spirit, in order to vow their support for our girl in her spiritual journey.  Our hearts are still full from the love we received.  Cora was mighty fine with all the attention.  People often ask us if she ever cries or if she's always so content, and Jaron and I just sort of look at each other knowingly.  The majority of the time, she is great with action and people all around.  She does not want to miss a thing.  But as soon as things slow down, or the party ends, she is quick to let us know her disapproval.  Such a funny little thing.  So glad she's ours.

A few things I want to remember...  Cora wore the same baptismal gown that Alice and I were baptized in.  My grandmother (Grammy) made it.  This was one of my favorite aspects of the day and I thought she looked like a dream in it.  I especially loved this, because Emmitt wore the same outfit that Jaron had been baptized in (I've included a few pics of his baptism).  Thankful for our family, piled in next to us in the pews of the church I grew up in.  Thankful for a full house after the service to eat and celebrate, filled with laughter and kiddo raucous.  Thankful for baptism's reminder of the importance of community.  Still can't quite figure out how my little family and I get to be part of this village of such committed loved ones.  I'm sure I am undeserving of it, but I'll take it anyway.  Happy Baptism, sweet Cora!

Wait up, where's Emmitt? 
Oh right, he said NO (!) to the group picture...
Emmitt's baptism, August 2011


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