Monday, February 3, 2014

So it's really Winter around these parts.  And even though I'm the biggest wuss about cold weather, I'm trying real hard not to complain about it.  Back in the Summer, I told myself that if we had a really frigid Winter I wouldn't get all worked up as long as it killed off all the bugs.  I think I've mentioned a time or two that we had a terrible case of all sorts of bugs last Summer... fleas, ticks, the kinds of spiders that you absolutely don't want near your kids or pets.  Oh man, I try to love all of God's creatures, but that was quite a bug situation and it gave me much anxiety on the daily, especially since Cora was brand new.  So good job, cold weather; hopefully you'll ensure we don't have as many unwanted critters when the warmer months come along.

Back when I wrote this post about change and included the pictures of us in front of our house, my Aunt Jill asked if we were planning to take pictures by that tree each season.  And I thought to myself, "Well we are now."  What a genius idea!  But I kept forgetting about it, until yesterday when we got a blanket of snow.  Snow seems like the perfect way to showcase the Winter season.  So after church and lunch with my fam, we made our way back home and marched out to the front of the house.  Once Jaron had finished snapping these shots, he carried Cora inside and I watched E throw a few snowballs and kick and clomp about in all the white.  It didn't take long for his hands to get super cold though and we rushed in to warm up and bake cookies.  How domestic does that sound?!  Guys, that is not a sentence I would have come close to writing 6 months ago.  I've really been baking a fair amount lately (although any amount is a lot compared to my norm).  I think I might just get baking a little more than cooking and I'm hoping it helps me ease into cooking.

Anyway, wasn't this post random and silly and fun?  Or just random.  Eh, whatcha gonna do?  Keep warm!  There's talk of more snow on and off throughout the week, so we'll be bundling up, eating comfort food, and trying not to get cabin fever.


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