Monday, March 10, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Emmitt:  Playing on his wooden rocking horse.  Umm, doesn't he look like a grown up boy with that haircut?!  Udgh.  I love-love-love it, but man, it's also a little sad.  Jaron and I were big fans of his long hair, but it had been needing a little trim for quite some time.  We just decided to cut it all off since E gets a haircut about once a year.  
Cora:  Each month on the 5th, I take a picture of Cora with a stuffed pig that my dear friend Sarah got her (she also got one for E... she understands our love of pigs).  It's one of those Pinteresty type things (that I can actually manage) to show Cora's growth compared to some constant item.  Last week, on her 9month birthday (udgh again), she wasn't very interested in sitting next to the pig.  She was climbing all over this chair.  And every once and awhile she would rest her head on the arm of it.  It was the sweetest.  Also... 9 months?!  What the what with these kids?!

Happy Week, friends!  I need to get to work on some writin' assignments.  Then I need to post some of the 8 billion pictures that are burnin' a hole in my computer's pocket...?  I don't know, you get the idea though.  Hopefully more to come, fairly soon.


  1. Omg, are you sending him to college too?! It is a great haircut though :) Love those littles, even if they are getting too big too fast.

  2. I love his haircut! I noticed the pig in Cora's pics. :) I called Colt over each time and said, "Look! The pig!" Love it! Your kids are so precious.

  3. emmitt is precious any way you look at it, but I do love the hair cut!

  4. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments, friends! You all sure do make my heart glad :)



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