A letter

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 7-A letter

Dear Dennis,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately.  This is probably mostly because I often wonder what you would think of my kids.  I guess I don't wonder that much... I know you would think they're great... because well, they're really pretty great.  And you always seemed to support and like what I thought was great.  Jaron and I still can't believe we have two kids.  That are ours.  That we get to keep and take care of and watch grow and enjoy all the craziness, all together.  It's wonderful and wild.

Emmitt and Cora are so sweet.  And so rotten.  They both have so much personality already.  It is such a joy watching them develop, and seeing how they are like me and Jaron, or how they're simply their own, unique selves.  I've taken a break from social work to stay home with them while they're young, which makes me so glad.  At certain times I feel like I'm really getting this parenting thing down, and then moments later I will know for sure that I have ruined these poor kiddos.  It is all completely terrifying and anxiety producing, yet so beautiful and fun all mixed up together.  I'm sure it won't surprise you that these little stinkers bring so much joy to their four grandparents.  We feel lucky to be living near Alice and Chris and their boys as well.  Jaron and I are so grateful for these strong bonds and pray they last forever.

I wish you could see Oklahoma City these days.  It is a neat place to live.  After Jaron and I married, we discovered a common hobby in fixing up and decorating houses.  It's been fun to work on our old, old house here.  It really feels like home and we are beyond thankful for your help in making that happen.  Speaking of OKC, we have an NBA team now.  That really shows you're moving up in the world, right??  My dad has developed somewhat of a man crush on Kevin Durant, quite similar to your love for Tim Duncan.  He has also inherited some of your odd behaviors in game watching, or maybe I should say not watching... such as when the score gets too close in an important game.  My mom is still working hard to make the world a better place to live.  Did I mention that Emmitt loves ALL things animals, but his very favorite is the elephant.  As you can imagine, this is a bit of a knife in my mom's politically active, bleeding heart, and she is on a mission to find more donkey stuff for him to enjoy.  I'm of course kidding.  Mostly.

Cora is a happy, outspoken baby girl.  She was recently baptized and it was lovely.  It got me thinking once again about how I really hit the jackpot with godparents.  You and Daddy Ron and Mama Chel have been such a big part of shaping who I am, of making me feel supported and loved, always.

Just like his mama, Emmitt loves a bean and cheese burrito.  I recently tried to recreate your famous bean dip and threw it into a tortilla for him.  It wasn't perfect, but I was pretty impressed with myself.  E on the other hand, was less enthralled and poured water all over his plate.  Gotta love that.

Jaron is the best.  He works hard and makes me laugh and is so good with E and C.  I love getting to do life with him.  We are both in constant awe of the village of people, near and far, that walk beside us.

I've also had you on my mind because your sister sent me the kindest card recently.  It made me so happy, and a little sad too.  Thank you for loving me.  I miss you so.  I will never have enough of the right words to express my love and gratitude for you.



  1. This is so beautiful Grace. What a special man and relationship you two had! :)

  2. Oh my goodness...I love this Grace. Should have known to get a tissue with the beginning "Dear Dennis..." Thank you for sharing these words and memories.



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