Like Mother, Like Son?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 8-A Blog Post

It's so crazy how Emmitt's personality continues to emerge, more and more every day.  The things he is doing and the phrases he is starting to use that a week ago he couldn't put together blow my mind.  Each stage of development so far brings new joys and new difficulties, and E's current stage is no different.  But man on man, he's a neat kid and I love seeing more of his true self come out.

E looks so much like Jaron.  People say that a lot, and they always have.  His facial expressions are just like his Dad's and it's so fun to see that.  One of my favorite things is to hear those two play together at night.  After dinner and before bed, those boys laugh and pretend and use silly voices.  It's quite a ruckus, but it's a wonderful, music to my ears kind of ruckus.  One night last week, they headed to E's room and began their fun.  Cora and I finished clearing off the table (real nice boys, leaving the ladies to clean the table like it's 1950 or something), and then we went into the TV room so she could crawl and play with some of her stacking toys that's she's really enjoying lately.  As I mentioned, the boys make some noise when they get together, and in true Cora fashion, she clearly wanted to be where the party was.  I watched and quietly followed behind as she crawled from the TV room all the way to E's room in the very back corner of the house.  And she was moving too, didn't want to miss a second of the shenanigans.  Oh how happy she was to finally reach her destination and discover the boys tossing a football back and forth.  A few times when us girls have come to see what all the fuss is about and ask to join in, Emmitt has told us it's only for boys.  Little rot bot.  And sometimes when he and Jaron are sitting next to each other or we're out and they're talking about something, he'll very proudly say, "We're big boys!"  It's pretty much the best!  All this is to say that I love seeing how E is like his Dad.  I pray their relationship only grows even stronger and that E can learn more about being a kind, loving big boy out in the world.

And while it's really something grand to see those big boys and all their similarities, something kind of cool has been happening over the last few months.  We're starting to see little ways E is like me.  I certainly don't want to pigeon hole him or set him up with a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of thing, so I'll say that I know he has a lot of changing and growing ahead of him, but these are some things we're seeing lately.  He has a tendency toward introversion, like his Mama.  He takes things in whenever he's in a new setting.  He's done this since birth.  What we're noticing more now, is that he sometimes seems to become overwhelmed or overstimulated in loud, crowded areas.  Oy, I feel ya, son!  Even though I'm like this too, it helped me to finally acknowledge this is what he was doing.  For a while I thought he was being a fuss or grumpy about something when really he was just retreating inward a bit, and then handling the stress in the only way his toddler self knew how: acting out.

He really loves people and has great relationships with family and friends, but I suspect he gets his energy from some down time at home.  This is very much like me.  I am in awe of people, love learning about them and having strong bonds and community with them.  But I am shy and reserved, cautious at first, and get energized by being alone (or as alone as you can get with an almost 3 year old and a 9 month old).

E and I like to sing made up songs and rhymes together these days (although E sings a lot with his Dad too and gets much of his love for music from him).  He has a happy food dance like me, and I didn't even teach it to him.  It came natural to me as well I guess.  Just got to move in your seat when that delicious food hits your mouth.  He's starting to talk back a bit and say things in ways I realize he's heard me say.  Ouch, that's a wake up call.  He likes order, a system to things.  He is thoughtful and affectionate.  But he also wants things the way he wants things.

I like discovering these similarities between the two of us.  I hope we can learn from each other, grow individually and together.  He has already taught me gobs about myself and the world around us just by letting me be his Mama.  My constant prayer is for his happiness, that I can know the best ways to help him and support him, and allow him to become who he is meant to be... who he wants to be.  I also pray that he always, ALWAYS knows that I love him to the moon and back, times a billion.

Love you, love you sweet Emmitt George!

Sometimes we match... sweaters, jeans and boots; same color pullover as our Converse, his red, mine gray; and then maybe we both chop all of our hair off.  Like Mother, Like Son.  


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  2. So, I accidentally commented under Colt's email. ;) I absolutely love your short hair. I really love your any way, but this is especially cute.

    1. Haha, okay, I was trying to figure out who dinoman could be! Thank you so much. I really wanted to go super short and I do really like it, but every once in a while I see it and I'm like "AHH, where'd it go?!" So your kind words do make me feel good :). Hope you all are doing well!



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