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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I know it probably gets super annoying hearing people say what I'm about to say, bu-ut... I really can't believe Cora is about to turn 1, because I feel like I was just holding her in the hospital.  More so than with Emmitt before his first birthday, I'm having the weirdest, eeriest feeling that it can't possibly be a year since Cora was born, because we're still scrambling to get things ready for her arrival, right??  Except she's here with us, as we get ready.  I know the science with this odd feeling I'm having doesn't really pan out, but whatever.  Oh sweet Cora girl, how are you almost 1?  Tears streamed down my blotchy face as I read Jen Hatmaker's post this week about littles becoming teenagers; it eased my aching heart a bit.  (On another note, I love Jen Hatmaker so much, I kinda wanna marry her.)

I took these pictures of Cora almost exactly 6 months ago.  Or yesterday.  I can't exactly recall.  Time is a tricky business.  (Or is it that change is a tricky business?  See, I told you my mind is wonky these days.)

Cora's Nana got her the precious outfit she's wearing in these pictures.  And a dear friend from church knit her that blanket.  She also knit a beautiful blanket for Emmitt when he was born, but I thought Cora's was so perfect and lovely that for a brief moment when I first saw it, I considered silently, "Who would really know if I just kept it for myself?"  As you can see though, I decided to let her have it.  


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