Monday, June 16, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Emmitt:  Both of these pictures were taken at Cora's birthday party by my brother-in-law, Chris, because he's awesome and I always ask him to take pics when he can.  I only took  a few pics of E and C last week and C was covered in a rash from roseola, poor girl.  So these are much better!  As you can see in this picture, E is looking so much like a big boy these days.  I can hardly stand it.  
Cora:  C is drunk with power in this picture.  She could not be happier about using a real cup instead of a stinkin' sippy cup.  With both of my kids, I have found it fascinating how early they can tell what things are "baby" and how they want nothing to do with those things and would much rather use what everyone else is using.  She's got pretty good control over this cup.  Sweet, strong-willed, one year old girl.  

I feel as though we just finished a season in our household.  I think I'll call it Old House Hill Birthday Season, just because.  Emmitt, then Jaron, and finally Cora have back to back birthdays and it has been so fun celebrating each of them, but it will be nice to take a little break from planning birthday parties and instead simply take in the new ages and the start of a new year.  Although, just a little break, because we're really looking forward to celebrating some other family members who reach big milestone birthdays this Summer!  As we move into Summer, we're also excited to swim, visit friends, and have lots of cookouts outside.  Can I just ask the mosquitoes to be kinder to me and my littles?  Why do you think we're so delicious?  I'm already OVER you!  Happy Week, friends!


  1. I just re-read the title a few times, because I thought it can't already be more than halfway through the year! Cute pics!



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