Eddie Izzard and Other Very Important Things

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This last weekend was so full.  We started it with a visit from Jaron's Aunt and Grandma on Friday afternoon.  They stopped by to deliver the cutest gifts for Emmitt and Cora, and we were so happy to get to spend some time with them.  Later that evening, we headed out for a friends reunion.  Have I mentioned that I think there a few things sweeter than good food, good conversation, and good friends?  Well, we nailed it.  Also, our kids are great friends, so blammo, nailed it again.  Saturday morning was filled with regular stuff... breakfast, fixing cars, lunch, errands, and new shoes (!).  The afternoon included the birthday party of one of our very favorites.

But the real thing I want to tell you about is Saturday night, because oh my, Saturday night.  That evening, Jaron's parents were so thoughtful to watch our rot bots while we ventured out to dinner with my parents, and sister and brother in law.  We went to La Brasa, a Peruvian restaurant, and it was so delicious, and so fun to go to a nice dinner without our kids for a little change.  We realized that the six of us had never gone out together like that, even before we had kids.  And then declared that we must make it a new tradition (or maybe that was just me, but I'm still gonna push for it).  Once our bellies were overly stuffed, we packed back into the car and headed to Midwest City to see Eddie Izzard!  You guys.  It was so good.  So, so good.  He is wicked smart and equally, laugh out loud funny.  By some chance of dumb luck, Jaron and I had amazing seats, and were so close that we coulda just hopped onstage to grab the hat Izzard tossed away at one point.  So close that my six year old self was drooling over his beautifully manicured, long, fire engine red nails, flapping about throughout the show.  Because, do you all know about my six year old self's obsession with long finger nails and my constant desire to have those stick-on nails?!  The way his nails looked... that was the dream... that was what I longed for.  But I digress.  The night was one that I will treasure for always.   

On Sunday morning, we were able to have a bit of lazy time with Nana and Papi, which we always love.  Then, to bookend the weekend off real nice, we went to meet more of our dearest friends, and got to chat and watch some soccer.  And nothing says Sunday evening better than sandwiches, potato salad, and bubbles outside, right?  I mean, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a thing.  The weekend flew by, but the joy that old friends, family, and laughter brought was much appreciated and will be held close for quite some time.  I'm certain of it.


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