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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last week, Emmitt got to go on an adventure with his Nana.  He rode on the train with her to Texas and then played all day and stayed the night with his grandparents before Jaron, Cora, and I joined him the next day.  As we drove E and Nana to the train station in downtown Oklahoma City early Wednesday morning, my boy could hardly contain himself.  He shifted and smiled, peered out the window, and made nervous sighs of delight.  I knew he would love the train, but had been a little nervous about how he might take going without the rest of us.  And of course, he was completely fine.  Better than fine.  Pretty much forgot all about us the moment he stepped out of the car.  And that is as it should be for an adventure with your grandparents, no?

Jaron took Thursday off, so we were able to get ready to go in a less than frantic clustercuss manner, that is often our typical style before leaving town.  We got to Texas just in time to hug our boy's sweet neck and have a quiet dinner at home with Jaron's parents.  On Friday, we headed to the Fort Worth Zoo, which let me just say, is the loveliest zoo.  I'm crazy about the OKC zoo and think it's really wonderful, but I do love the one in Funky Town too (For one thing, Jaron took me on a date there early in our relationship, so yeah.).  But, even with that being said, someone, and I'm not naming any names here, but someone was hell bent on having a terrible time.  OKAYFINEITWASME!  No, I didn't really have a terrible time, I just whined a lot to my husband about my joints hurting and needing to make a plan for lunch stat before Emmitt started getting hangry (I totally used E as my scapegoat, because I'm the worst.).  And then when we sat down for lunch at Blue Mesa, I apologized to my husband as I shoved fistfuls of chips and guac in my mouth and I thought of all the stuff at the zoo that I enjoyed.  There is something nice (or weird and interesting) about being able to remember the good parts of stuff even if we weren't at our best, right?  I think so.  Nana had let E pick out a treat at the zoo gift shop and he got a stuffed elephant, because he's obsessed with elephants and he picked out a giraffe for Cora.  At lunch he had them eat with us and was talking to them about all sorts of stuff.  Love the imagination that comes out at this age.

We got together with best friends from college on Friday night, without kids.  And it was so, so good.  I wish I had something wise or clever to say about our time together.  But all I can think about is how happy it made me to get to talk and laugh for hours with people I love.  So good.  The next day was equally happy and included swimming with our kiddos, hamburgers, hotdogs, la-di-da.

On Sunday, Jaron and I made a trip to Ikea together.  It was nice to grab coffee and ride together in the car, listening to music, but apparently Ikea isn't Jaron's favorite place (I learned this Friday night at dinner), and there were a few hiccups while we were there.  But, guys, we made it out alive, no fight, and got everything we had hoped to find.  Jaron, we don't have to go to Ikea for a long, long time.  Also, you're nice and I like you and love you.  A lot.

We are always so thankful for our time in Texas.  Jaron's parents are such gracious hosts, always so helpful, selfless and fun.  We are forever grateful for them.  Texas, you're alright, and we'll see ya soon, I'm sure.


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