Sundays are for...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scrambled eggs and homemade mini muffins * coffee (although, let's be clear:  coffee is for ALL the days... check out my happy face) * church * Sunday Dinner at my parents' with my sister and her kiddos * Target trips * a mandatory picture of my shoes (because how else would you know it was me?!) * sucking it up and making the best of the hot, hot heat with a kiddie pool, which really was a huge success * ALS ice bucket challenges * an attempt at a father/son game of Chutes and Ladders that a friend gave us * late afternoon naps for the little girl * late afternoon viewings of The Muppets Take Manhatten for the big boy * late afternoon Tuscaloosa Sunrises for the mom and dad (it's an adult beverage that Jaron invented and it's delicious) * leftover Mexican food for dinner * never-ending bedtime routines (although, let's be clear:  our kids think this is for ALL the days... check out my bitter face ;)) * Sundays are for us, at Old House Hill. 


  1. sounds like a perfect Sunday! I love your shoes and your babies :) And Jaron, make me a drink too!

    1. Thanks, friend :) And HA, that's right, Jar... get on it! Mama's gonna need a drink here pretty quick! Eee, can't wait! Love you and your pregnant self!



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