That Weekend, This Weekend

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I haven't been very consistent with picture taking lately.  I know I've told you that a billion times.  Bu-ut, I grabbed the real camera a few times in the last two weekends and caught some sweet moments that will definitely remain sweet memories.  You'll notice the kid concert I mentioned in a post the other day.  Also, you might notice a few pics that Bennett took.  Looks like he's becoming my assistant, because every time I get my camera out, he's right by me, either reaching to see the pictures I've already taken or wanting to take some himself.  He's got a very interesting, artistic style going and I gotta say I like it!

I don't even know what to tell you about Cora and Adeline.  These. two. girls.  They are something.  And when they get together...  Oh Lordy.  They are already having slumber parties like they're tweens, getting up several times in the middle of the night to laugh and chatter.  I kinda love the picture where Cora is reaching for the microphone.  They both have A LOT to say (and sing).  They both know what you should be doing.  Also, they'll probably be running the family in a few years.  Let's just pray right now that they use their power for good.

The last group of pics is from this last weekend.  It was a really good weekend too and these pics only cover a sliver of the goodness.  Emmitt and his Star Wars counting book, Cora and her curious, into everything self.  I'm loving that the back of Cora's hair is growing and the wisps curl up and around sometimes.  It's likely going to turn into a mullet, which will be just as it should be I suppose ;).  The first picture of the three of us outside cracks me up.  I think we were checking out some dogs that were being walked, but it looks like all of us are giving the stink eye to our neighbors.  I assure you we were not.  We think our neighbors are lovely.

Thankful for good friends and good family and good food.  Thankful for birthday celebrations.  Thankful for busy times and quiet moments.  Thankful for time to write and time to run errands.  Thankful for church services and bounce houses.  Thankful for evenings outside and coffee and watching some TV with Jaron after the babes are in bed.  Thankful.


  1. So happy to see you're "enjoying" the cat piano. Don't pretend like it's not annoying.

    1. Haha, nope, I sure can't pretend it's not annoying! You all certainly got us back, because it is the worst! ;)



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