Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you."
The Beatles

My parents had their 40th wedding anniversary in September.  40th!  My sister and I wanted to do something special.  Mostly because we really do like them, and heck, 40 years is not nothing.  After much consideration we decided to keep it small, just our immediate family, because our parents also celebrated their 60th birthdays over the summer and we had done some bigger celebrations for those.  We were going for an intimate affair.  Or as intimate as you can get with 4 kids, ranging from about 1.5 to 11.5 years old.  (So not very intimate, but a few girls can dream, right?).

Enter my longtime gal pal (nope, I'm not gonna say that ever again... but sometimes you gotta try things out), Kristin, who recently started an event planning business and blog.  I wrote about it some here.  Party planning is just not my best thing, but Alice and I hoped to put together a dinner that was different from our usual family gatherings.  Something that showed it was a special occasion.  Something that really commemorated our parents and how thankful we are for them and the example they have set for marriage and a life well lived.  Kristin lives far away (waah!), but one of the services she offers is a virtual inspiration board.  This is right up our alley.  I'm a visual learner and Alice is super crafty and creative.  The inspiration board was the perfect thing for my parents.  She planned for a bohemian wine and cheese party (I know, right?!), incorporating lots of fun colors that started with ruby, which goes with the 40th anniversary.  She provided a Beatles quote, the idea of flower crowns, and old pictures hanging about.  These things, along with the pictures she included on the board all helped to inspire us.  Alice was in charge of the pictures.  She made a really cool accordion card that included old pics of my parents and quotes about love, including the Beatles quote Kristin had used.  The board helped give us direction, and kept me from falling back on something ho hum.  We could not have done everything without Kristin!  (Well, Alice probably could have, but certainly not me... I write things and eat things, not so much on the planning pretty event things.)

Dinner was so fun.  We ate and drank delicious goodies.  We listened to the Beatles Pandora station, talked about the songs, and sang along as well.  We planned s'mores for dessert, because Alice is a genius.  We had some fun ingredients but also the tried and true ones.  The weather was just lovely for stepping outside, under the twinkling lights, and next to a fire.  It was like so many nights before, together as a family, but just enough unique to set it apart as something special.  It felt like a real celebration.  And 40 years of marriage is great cause for a real celebration!  I don't have the right words to honor my parents and their marriage.  I have thought over and over and searched for such words.  I just can't find them.

Mom and Dad- we love you so much and are infinitely grateful for you, and just plain happy to be your kids.  Happy 40th Anniversary!!

I wish the pictures did better justice to the night.  I have trouble photographing my dining room, because the lighting is a little weird.  But here are lots and lots of pics anyway :)


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