Be Free, Find Grace, Get Moving

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the spirit of a new year and that time when people are making resolutions and goals, I thought I'd share some on a phrase or mantra that has been working its way through my brain for several months.  I like making resolutions, I've mentioned that, but I alternate year to year on how I do it.  Whatever I choose to do, I've learned (or I'm trying to learn) to not give myself a hard time about them.  It's okay if I don't complete them or I need a pick me up or start over (for the record, I always need a pick me up or start over).  They are meant to be helpful, not just another way I can be shitty to myself.  After I made resolutions last year, I saw many people doing that one word thing.  They would pick one word as their focus for the year.  I really liked this, and thought I might try it for 2015.  But as life is funny sometimes, my mantra, six words, found me.  I guess God, or the Universe, knew I was too wordy and complicated for one little ol' word.  So here's my mantra for 2015... or maybe, forever.  Who can say?  Life is funny, remember?

Be Free, Find Grace, Get Moving

Be Free.  Free from worry, free from comparison, free to be true to myself, no matter who that is; free to dream, to hope, and wish, and create; free to be content, truly content, in right now, in my worth, in what I have or don't have.

I've discovered new layers of myself over the last few years.  I'm trying to fit all the pieces together and be comfortable in what I find.  I want to write and take pictures and create something that makes a difference.  And I'm having a hard time really giving myself that freedom.  Or letting myself believe it's enough.  So when those pesky fears creep in, I repeat to myself Be Free.  I remind myself that I believe my worth is in something higher.  That I feel called to serve The One who loves like crazy* and that trying to satisfy everyone else will only leave me reaching for more.    

Find Grace.  Be more aware of the daily gifts I receive, both big and small; remember that life is filled with grace upon grace, and finding these people and places and moments of God's presence make everything else possible, manageable.  

Get Moving.  Once I find God's grace, and I've reminded myself to be free in who I am, to not agonize over this and that, I want to pay it forward, to do the next right thing, to get to work.  

I'm an over thinker with a sensitive soul, and often feel guilt for a variety of things, so I become overwhelmed and paralyzed by all the possible solutions instead of doing even the smallest act that might make a difference.  I want to move past that this year.  I want to move past the fear of writing what's on my heart, or sharing my pictures or feelings, or taking a step towards doing something I think is important or worthwhile, just because I'm worried what others think, or feel I don't know the best way to do it.  I know this won't happen overnight, and that sometimes finding grace and then moving forward will look a little like just getting through the day by being kind to myself and others, using self care, and drinking all the coffee... knowing tomorrow will bring more grace, more freedom, more chances to comfortably and freely be myself.  


Reading over this, I find myself coming off as pretty self-involved, which is possibly true.  I feel like I need to explain to you more why this is so important to me, or how you might have misunderstood me.  I start to question, to worry.  But then, after a few deep breaths, this comes to my mind... Be Free.  Find Grace.  Get Moving.  

*I also want to point out that my godsister, Aimee coined the phrase, "The One who loves like crazy."  It's my favorite way to describe God now.  Because it's most certainly the God I've come to know.  


  1. You had me at gallery photo wall. Freedom. Grace. Movement. What a beautiful life rhythm! Drink all the coffee. Write all the things. Post all the pics. It is such an encouragement to us as you use your life narrative to highlight The One Who Loves Like Crazy. Thank you, Grace!

    1. Jenny, thank you for such kind words. It really means so much to me coming from you! Really. Hope you all are well! And excited as your family starts this wild and wonderful year :)



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