Saturdays and Sundays are for...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Breakfast tacos and lots of coffee * cleaning out closets * Goodwill runs * playing with the Polar Express and watching it on TV * moody light * shenanigans between a brother and his sister * running around the backyard * beautiful sunshine * test-driving a minivan (sigh, sob) * crazy wind * Jaron perfecting the Gin and Tonic * church and the annual meeting * more tacos, more coffee * finding Jaron's old baseball cards * a Target run * Potty-training like a boss, all weekend; We're so proud of Emmitt and his supportive sister, Cora * long bedtime routines ;) (always, but you know that by now) * Friends on Netflix * Gosh, I really love a slow, ordinary weekend at home... because I'm a very exciting person (clearly).


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