Monday, June 29, 2015

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."





I've gotten so behind.  These are all iPhone pics, because it's been much more convenient for our life these days, and honestly I'm pretty out of practice with my Canon.  I'm just more comfortable with the phone camera lately.  You may also notice that some of these have Jaron and me in them, because those pics were the ones I was most drawn to and most wanted to remember from that particular week.  Instead of an individual description on each, I'll say that being outside in the evenings has been good for us, as a family, in this season.  Walks around our neighborhood, trips to the park, playing with the hose, digging in the dirt, eating dinner in the backyard.  Even if I feel like I've failed through the day or life's other pains seem overwhelming, the evening sun acts as a reset, a promise for a new beginning.  And maybe it also indicates that the kids' bedtime is not too far away, PraisetheLord!  (I know, I'm the worst.)  The last picture was taken right before Jaron and I headed out to California last week.  I wanted a picture of the four of us to have to look at while we were gone, because I knew I'd miss those little stinkers.  This picture is ridiculous and just right.  It was the perfect thing to keep me from getting too homesick while we were away.  

I really do have more to write.  Maybe some of it will turn into another post.  You just never know with little ol' me.  Love all your guts like crazy!


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