New Orleans

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jaron and I went on a little adventure a few weekends ago.  Okay fine, it was a grand adventure.  It was New Orleans.

My daily UNadventures will include the small and the big moments that string together and tug me through the days, but mostly the small because I'm mostly boring.  But every once in a while I get brave and do something that makes my soul want to leap out of my body from sheer happiness, like walk down streets with pink and blue buildings, with jazz in my ears and my eyes wide open, busily taking in all the movement and color, darting this way and that.  Anywhere is an adventure with Jaron by my side.  He is my travel guide and the perfect partner.  He makes traveling fun rather than overwhelming.  He helps turn UNadventures into real adventures.

I loved New Orleans.  Jaron and I are food people.  I'm sure this is brand new information for all of you, but we're good eaters.  And one of my very favorite things to do with him is go out to eat for a good meal and time to talk and laugh and dream.  So New Orleans was right up our alley, because it just so happens that it has pretty good food.  Also pink houses (and buildings as I mentioned above).  People who paint their houses pink or mint green or pastel blue, are good people.  I feel like these could be my people.  Good food, old yet loved (pink!) houses, art and photographs, cracked sidewalks, mysterious graveyards, friendly faces, beautiful weather, and just the best people watching opportunities around.  Gosh, I've been doing lots of daydreaming about all we saw and already wondering when we can go back.  So grateful for this little vacation.  Yes, New Orleans was a grand adventure.  I loved New Orleans.

Lots of pictures after the jump!


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