March UNadventures

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

See, now here's the problem with getting this far behind on these posts.  Here it is more than halfway through May and I'm just now writing and sharing pictures from March.  And now March is blurring into April a bit, and April into May.  Blurred.  That's how I feel lately.  Blurred and a bit dulled.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  Just a life-y sort of way.  You know how life can be good, and busy, and blurry.  And sometimes it can be a little hard... and busy, and blurry.  Life has been so good, and if I'm honest, a little hard too.  But mostly good.  The pictures remind me that March was really good.  Thank goodness for the pictures.  The thing is, Spring is such a nice time of year because the weather is getting warmer, lots of activities are getting started, Summer is in sight, and yet it's a very full time for us.  It's full of stuff to do, but also I'm just full of all the feelings because lots of big things in my life have happened in the Spring, so regardless of how strong I feel emotionally, this time of year hits my sensitive soul hard.

But enough of that sappy talk, 'cause don't you remember how the pictures told me life is good?!  Life is full and love wins.  March included Spring Break in Texas, Easter with family, and evenings outside.  I'm hoping to post more pictures from Spring Break in a separate post, because that was a fun time.  But for now, this is a glimpse of what our days looked like in March.  Ordinary unadventures, but wonderfully grand nonetheless, because man oh man, we have the best people in our life.   The very best.


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