July UNadventures

Thursday, September 15, 2016

July had some fun adventures that will need their very own posts, like a trip to Cancún and a little stacycation in downtown OKC, but I still posted a few pictures from each of those here, because I guess I'm greedy.

July included walks to the Plaza District for pizza and ice cream * trips to the zoo with family friends and church friends and school friends, and all the friends * good food.  always good food.  and good drink.  always good drink. * 4th of July * swim parties with friends * fireworks and water balloons and bounce houses and kiddie pools * legos and lipgloss (I love that E loves legos and C loves lipgloss.  Truly, it makes me the happiest.  And also.  Lord help us with the legos and the lipgloss.) * dress up * backyard foraging * a trip to Texas * a trip to Mexico * a family band session in the basement * concert at the library * matching clothes with Cora, because sometimes I like to match clothes with Cora and I don't care who knows it * first time sleepovers with the sweetest of kid friends and the bravest of parent friends ;) * popsicles * finding garden snakes * hotel fun and being tourists in our own city * catching up with best friends * Weezer concert at the zoo * sticking a plastic googly eye in a nostril * hanging out with cousins * making the most of the summer break as the start of school inched closer and closer.  July was so full and so good.


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