September UNadventures

Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm typically a little partial to the month of September because it's my birthday month.  I like that it usually shows some signs of Fall (although never as much as I really wish for), I like that we're starting to get used to the new school year and schedule, with some of the bumps beginning to settle and smooth out.  This September, E started soccer, and Jaron was the coach, bless both their hearts.  This was the first sport for E to play and overall it went really well.  I'm not mad it's over though, probably 'cause I'm the worst.  September was extra lucky with an overnight date with Jaron in downtown OKC to celebrate my birthday, and then some unexpected little bonus dates throughout the month.  We explored our city, got to see out of town family, finally made it to the Plaza Festival, saw Jason Isbell at the Criterion, had a zoo field trip with E's sweet class, played lots of games of Scientist, but mostly just trucked along contentedly with the same ol' things.


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