December UNadventures

Friday, January 6, 2017

December.  The last month of unadventures for 2016.  And just like Decembers tend to be, it was a full one.  A good full.  Celebratory and busy, but not stressful and cumbersome.  It was filled tight with Christmas lights and ornaments and Advent calendars, hot chocolate with little marshmallows, St. Nicholas, decorating cookies again and again, gingerbread houses, pretty greenery, a carousel, bowling and a birthday party, school music programs, ballet class, family gatherings with tons of food (my fave, but you knew that already), gifts, and church, friends, and eggnog, and all the Christmas movies and music you can imagine, gobs of lipgloss in a certain 3 year old's hair (#jesustakethewheel), a bearded dragon named Seesaw, family date nights, and vicious stomach bugs and other sickly stuff that knock out the whole family with feeling yucky, but recovering with more bowling and ice cream dates, and movies and cuddles on the couch to ring in the new year.  

This month seems to be a particularly hodge podge mix of pics.  Good and bad quality, but sometimes you just need to remember the moment regardless of quality, because of course you do.  It's the first month since early in the year in which there's a handful of Canon pics.  The last several months have been solely iPhone, because of life or who knows what.  I do want to start taking more real deal camera pictures again, because I'm getting rusty and I want the challenge, and because the photos truly are nicer when all is said and done.  I've been reflecting on these unadventures and plan to do this again for 2017.  I have 3 or 4 bonus unadventures posts of some bigger things that happened throughout the year and will post those in the next week.  I'm also going to finish up the 52 project for the year, but don't plan to continue that again.  It was a little too much to try to do both in 2016.  I have more to say about all this and may share some more in-depth words I've written rather than this quick summary style I've gotten used to for these posts.  Hope to finish out 2016 soon and then really get going with the new year.  Happy New Year, friends!!  As always, I am forever grateful to the small tribe of you that share in these words and pictures with me.  Wishing you the very BEST in the coming year.


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