November UNadventures

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I haven't wanted to do the work of writing about November.  November started with hope and excitement, the feeling that we were on the verge of making history.  And it quickly changed.  I can't lie, I was devastated with the election results.  Heartbroken even.  But it happened and lucky for me we had a little celebration at the end of the month where I was reminded to stop and look around at what I have, and be thankful.  That well timed opportunity was a gift and a relief in and of itself. Because goodness, I am overflowing with treasures to be thankful for.  And because there were mashed potatoes.  And while I'm still processing the election results and all that has happened since, there's not much more I want to write about it now, other than to say I'm ready and motivated to listen and learn, and fight the good fight, and love like crazy.  In between the beginning and end of the month, were the glorious, regular, everyday middle moments.  Oh you know, the unadventures that carry us along.  Vibrant leaves, goddaughter's soccer game, nephew's birthday, cupcakes, taking your girl to vote with you, dentist appointment, white pumpkins, coloring, church and small group, hand-me-down nightgowns that become a very favorite, fresh red paint on the front door, friends and family, and then out of town friends and out of town family, tree climbing, dirt digging, sidewalk chalking, hiking, delicious food, good drinks, laughter, Texas, Thanksgiving, and a weekend away with old friends to watch football and do all the things without all the kids.


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